Level up for 2024 with a Strengths!

Remember how exciting it was when you first learned about your Strengths?

You read through the descriptions, and it sounded JUST LIKE YOU.

How long ago was that? Months, maybe even years?

The world has changed since then, and so have you. Are you in a new job? Have you entered into new relationships? Faced significant challenges or set new, exciting goals?

Do you need to be reminded how incredible your Strengths are and how they can be applied to improve every part of your life?

My coaching goal is to help clients fully identify and apply their gifts and talents

Let’s work together to harness your superpowers!

I’m offering a special YEAR END discount on my most popular Strengths coaching package!

Remember, understanding your Strengths makes you more productive at work, improves your relationships, helps overcome challenges, and take on new goals confidently.

Strengths Deep Dive

Are you ready to dig deeper to prepare yourself for the year ahead? Then the Strengths Deep Dive package is designed for you with a special rate of $597! We’ll dive deep into your strengths and together we’ll revisit your unique skills and talents. This package includes:


Three exclusive, personalized reports


a short (~10 min) video training on the basics of Strengths

Upgrade to CliftonStrengths34 results if you don’t already have it
7-10 minute personalized video where I break down your Strengths and relate them to your goals

(2) 45-minute coaching sessions to discuss your results in detail, talking through examples of ways your strengths have both helped and hindered in the past. You’ll also receive a short list of activities to work on developing those Strengths.

You’ll gain a deeper understanding of yourself and how best to apply your Strengths going forward into 2022.

Strengths Clarity

Do you just need quick, streamlined help to refocus on your unique strengths and abilities? I’ve designed the Strengths Clarity package for you! This service includes:


exclusive reports on your StrengthsFinder results (top 5 or full 34, whichever you have)


a short (~10 min) video training on the basics of Strengths


a second, personalized video of me reviewing your StrengthsFinder results

This package is available through the end of 2023 for a special rate of $97

I’m here to help you unlock your greatest Strengths and enter confidently into 2024.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out via email or phone and I’ll help you decide which package makes the most sense to you.

This exclusive pricing is available through December 31, 2023 – coaching sessions can take place in January, but lock your price in now!