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Increase leadership impact and employee commitment.

Finding a quality speaker is not easy.

When you need to bring in a speaker or workshop leader, you don’t always know where to look.
You need a quality speaker who will educate, inspire, and move your audience to action.

Business Leader, you need:

Participants who are not feigning interest through a boring program.
Teaching points that are not basic or surface.
More than crossing a training activity off your list. You need to move the needle toward change.

Carol Wheeler, Ph.D. provides:

Interactive workshops that energize a group and help them apply concepts to real-life situations.
Teaching points that are deep yet practical.
Learning encounters that leave participants thinking and doing differently.

3 Easy Steps to Book Carol Wheeler & NopaLeadership.

Review the topics below.

Three keynotes and three workshops listed below provide an overview. Programs are customized to your organization and needs.

Book your event.

Choose your date and schedule. Some programs can be done in different timeframes and lengths. Programs can be done on-site or virtually.

Experience transformation.

An excellent learning event has ripple effects long after the training is over. Participants think and do differently after Carol’s keynotes and workshops.



What Your People Need from You, the Leader

Your team needs you. They want to be committed to your organization, fully engaged in your team, and doing their best work. This cannot happen if you don’t lead them. In this workshop, you will learn four things all followers want from their leaders. And, you’ll learn how giving these things can completely change the energy and output of your team.

How to Bring Out the Best in Your People

You have a great team, you have clear goals, and you know all the things that are wrong and keeping you from reaching those goals. The problem is, you cannot get there until you determine what is right. In this session, you will learn the four steps of NopaLeadership’s Exponential Growth Assessment and how using it can turn around your team and your organization.

Why Conflict is Good for Leaders and Teams

Workplace conflict makes most people want to run for the hills. In this workshop, you will learn that workplace conflict is not only good, but absolutely necessary if you want to make progress, creatively solve problems, and reach your goals.

Training Workshops

Training Workshops

Individual and Team Strengths Workshop

Using the CliftonStrengths assessment, you will gain an understanding of your strengths and talents. Then, you will learn to apply it to your work for maximum achievement. The team workshop helps everyone on the team understand each other better and leverage the talents of each team member for exponential results.

Understanding Your Personal Conflict Style

Conflict is part of life, no matter how we might try to avoid it. This workshop will help you understand your unique perspective on conflict, your personal best tools for managing conflict, and when you should avoid conflict, encourage it, or resolve it.

Bring Out the Best In Your People

You have great leaders in your organization and a great team. Somehow it’s not adding up to the results you want. This workshop will teach the leaders in your organization how to use the Exponential Growth Assessment to bring out the best in the people they lead.

Want to bring out the best in your people?

NopaLeadership inspires leaders, teams, and organizations to think – and do – differently.