Be The Leader
Who Brings Out
The Best In People

Organizational Leadership Training And Coaching

The Quality Of The Team

Reflects The Quality Of The Leader

It’s Up To You
As The Leader

You want to be a leader who inspires the best in your team. The problem is, you and your team don’t always believe your work matters. And that produces less-than-quality results.

Are You Concerned About:

Your confidence and comfort as a leader?
Lack of creative problem solving and innovation?
Your ability to keep good people?
Missing your target goals?
Conflict within your team?

Everyone has strengths. And it’s just plain wrong when people
don’t see their unique contribution to the organization.

We Can Help You
Stoke The Fires Of
Vision And Commitment

Here’s What NopaLeadership

Can Do For You

Increase Employee Commitment

Employees are energized when they know their contributions are valued and necessary to achieve corporate goals. Emotional ties to work create commitment.

Boost Creativity

Discover how to successfully moderate conflict regarding ideas. Learn to leverage diversity of thought to creatively solve problems.

Expand Team

When a leader is comfortable in their role, they empower employees. Buy-in and ownership of results create a spirit of team collaboration.

About NopaLeadership

About NopaLeadership

I understand the need for inspiring leadership.

Hi, I’m Carol Wheeler. Growing up in a family-owned business sparked in me a fascination for the human side of business.

I studied leadership during my college years at Texas A&M – and I’ve never stopped studying it all the way through my Ph.D. at Oklahoma State University and beyond.

My professional experience includes working in university administration and teaching leadership at Texas A&M and Our Lady of the Lake University. I’ve worked with students and professionals, guiding them to identify their passions and strengths and to grow as leaders in their fields.

NopaLeadership exists to bring out the best in people through empowered leadership. So organizations can reach their objectives with the most important resource of all – people.

Think And Do Differently

Think And Do Differently

When You Engage NopaLeadership

Leaders, teams, and organizations experience transformation through:

Training Programs

Practical application meets sound theory. Bring in NopaLeadership for your next workshop.


Private coaching, leadership cohorts, and team facilitation. Your solutions and breakthroughs start here.

Custom Learning

Your needs are unique. Let NopaLeadership create your company’s comprehensive program.

How Much Influence
Do Leaders Have?

You have the ability to empower your team and create a workplace where everyone:

– Lives out the mission and strives for the vision.
– Engages their strengths and grows professionally.
– Embraces new ideas and innovates solutions.
– Executes plans with purpose and tenacity.

You can lead a team like this – and make every day happier. Even in these changing times.

Receive your copy of 7 Steps to Confident Leadership during Turbulent Times. And learn how you can influence your workplace for the better.

Yes, please! I’d like to know how to lead
my team through uncertainty & change.

    Three Simple Steps To Leadership Transformation

    Book A Consult

    Receive a 30-minute complimentary consultation. We’ll listen to your concerns and ideas – and make your time worthwhile.

    Receive Your Custom Plan

    Your situation is unique, and so is your solution. We’ll offer a custom plan to bring out the best in you and your people.

    Enjoy Leading!

    Enjoy a greater purpose in your work again. And experience your team working with fresh enthusiasm.

    What Leaders Are Saying

    What Leaders Are Saying

    About NopaLeadership

    “Our organization grew quickly. This resulted in communication and operational struggles. Carol led us through StrengthsFinder, then we identified the roadblocks. She helped us unlock each team member’s strengths and apply it in creative and powerful ways. Carol’s process was efficient, encouraging, and supportive. As a leader,
    I now have the language to value the uniqueness of everyone around the table.”

    Jason Powers,
    Lead Pastor
    River City Church,
    New Braunfels, TX

    “When Carol worked with our faculty learning community, I appreciated her ability to customize while working with a diverse group. In a short time, she established her credibility and engendered trust. This resulted in the most skeptical among the group signing up for individual coaching sessions. Carol’s strengths shine and make her a walking/talking illustration of the value of “naming, claiming, and aiming” one’s strengths.

    Nancy Fort Simpson,
    Clinical Professor
    Mays Business School,
    Texas A&M University

    Jason Powers,
    Lead Pastor
    River City Church,
    New Braunfels, TX

    Nancy Frost Simpson,
    Clinical Professor
    Mays Business School,
    Texas A&M University