Every Good Leader

Deserves A Coach

Stoke the fires of vision and commitment.
In you and your team. And reach your goals.

Why coaching?

If you want to maximize the potential of high-performers in your organization, there is no finer way than through a leadership coaching program. Coaching increases achievement and decreases derailed behavior. Training plus coaching creates a highly effective culture of learning and engagement. The stats say it all.


of those who received coaching improved performance, relationships, and communication.


average productivity increase in organizations when coaching is paired with traditional training.


of those who’d experienced executive coaching said they realized benefits and would do it again.


return on investment. Based on a Fortune 500 study, organizations experience significant ROI.

What would an ROI like that do for your organization?

What would an ROI like that do for your organization?

NopaLeadership coaching brings out the best in your leaders and your people.

Coaching packages

Private Coaching

Executive coaching is designed to help you leverage your unique talents as a leader to explode the growth of your team. Leverage your strengths to expand your talents as a leader.

Private coaching is offered as biweekly meetings for three, six, or nine months.

Leader Cohorts

Leader Cohorts provide unique learning experience among a group of leaders from other organizations facing similar concerns. Each participant creates a plan to bring out the best in their people.

Cohorts typically meet biweekly for six months.


Team Coaching

When outside perspective and facilitation is needed, NopaLeadership can guide your team to create and implement a new strategic plan, get unstuck, or help your group resolve conflict.

All-day retreats, two-hour sessions, or other combinations offered.

Coaching creates lasting change.

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coaching can do for you, your team, and your organization.