Program Starts September 9th

Reach your goals with a committed team.

A 6 week group coaching program for leaders with a vision.

Free yourself
to accomplish more

Be the leader everyone
wants to work with

Reach team goals and
achieve the vision

Getting your team committed to the vision is everything.

You have a vision to make the world a better place, increase revenue, and serve more customers.

But you’ve got to express your vision so those around you understand and get on board. And together, you’ve got to make it a reality.

Because vision fuels strategy. And strategy drives execution.

And execution requires a team.

If you:

doubt whether your vision will become a reality
feel frustrated by unmotivated, unfocused workers
struggle to harness your team’s talent
are engaging your team less and doing more on your own

… then consider your leadership style as the solution.

Transformational leadership can transform you and the people you lead. Once understood and practiced, what unfolds is performance beyond everyone’s wildest dreams.

That vision? Those goals? You can achieve it by your leadership.

The Be Your Best Leader 6-week group coaching program.

Your solution for performance beyond everyone’s wildest dreams.

Learn to bring out the best in people. It’s called transformational leadership. In this program, you will learn to:
Increase your influence.

Learn to tap your natural strengths to lead with greater authenticity, clarity, and integrity.

Inspire motivated action.

Communicate the vision and establish expectations to create a motivating setting where everyone can flourish.

Build great working relationships.

When you listen and empathize, you build trust with each person and within the whole team.

Leverage everyone's strengths.

With each person operating from their strengths, creative problem-solving rules the day and innovations thrive.

Your goals can be achieved through leadership like this!

The Best Your Best Leader group coaching program is for:

Nonprofit leaders

Whether you are leading a staff or volunteers, everyday you lead by vision and need your people to be inspired, too.

Business owners & entrepreneurs

Employees and contract workers need to share your vision to build a thriving business.

Managers & Directors

KPI’s only motivate so much. You need a leadership approach that focuses on people. Watch your team’s performance take off!

Here’s how the Be Your Best Leader program works:


Week One: The balance of achieving goals and leading people.

How to be outcome-oriented and people-focused. We will discuss how effective leadership frees you up – and how support and autonomy unleashes your people to perform better than ever.


Week Two: Trust, the currency of leadership.

Trust is the currency of leadership. It can seem hard to pin down, but there are specific steps you can take to increase the trust in your relationships with everyone on your team.

Week Three: Stability, the foundation for thriving.

Creating an environment where your team can do their best work. This is more than the physical space, especially today as so many work virtually. We will discuss what it takes to create the stability to thrive.

Week Four: Inspiring motivated action.

Feeling hopeful about the future results in engagement and productivity at work. Learn how you can inspire your people to take responsibility and action.

Week Five: It's all about relationships.

Cultivate loyalty among your team through solid work relationships. We will get specific about actions you can take to even if you like to keep your personal life separate or you don’t feel like a natural relationship-builder.

Week Six: Leveraging strengths.

Now that you have a good understanding of your strengths, consider your team member’s strengths. Discuss creating expectations, instilling trust, and providing autonomy.
The details:

We’ll meet virtually on Zoom.


Thursdays from 1:00 – 2:30 CST. Beginning September 9th.

Calls will be recorded.
Online forum for additional conversation.

All of this – plus the bouns – for $1997!

This program has a cap of 10 participants.
Don’t wait to enroll!


Get your personalized top 5 strengths with your custom action plan to achieve your goals.
  • Learn to leverage your strengths.
  • Break through the barriers that stand in your way.
  • Get traction in your most trying relationships.
  • Get some quick wins in your important projects.
  • Make tomorrow a better day.
Your Strengths Solution

Bonus includes:

Your custom mini-coaching package includes:

  • Gallup Strengthsfinder 2.0 personalized report
  • Personalized report from NopaLeadership & Dr. Carol Wheeler
  • 5 minute personalized video report
    Detail on your top 5 strengths
  • Action plan to integrate your top strengths into your work.

This bonus is valued at $197. It is yours free when you register for
Be Your Best Leader group coaching program.

Meet leadership expert, “Dr. Carol.”

A leader’s role is harder today than it was a few years ago.

Team members want to be heard, developed, and a part of something of lasting value. Meanwhile, you are required to achieve quarterly goals and KPI’s, and fulfill a mission and vision.

I’ve taught leadership to graduate students and worked with leaders in numerous organizations and industries for nearly three decades.

Despite the three letters after my name, I don’t lecture. I mix theory with practice and facilitate rich conversation with leaders from across the spectrum.

I believe that people want to do their best work, and good leadership transforms the team and the leader.

I’ve designed this six week group coaching experience to be transformational. You’ll emerge a better leader, ready to achieve great things with your team.

Three steps to be your best leader:

Three steps to be your best leader:

Enroll today.
Register today and begin right away with Your Strengths Solution bonus!
You can learn to bring out the best in people.
Reach team goals!
Achieve goals with a shared vision.

Make it possible to achieve great things with your team. 

This program will show you how to stop…

  • The lack of clarity on the vision.
  • The confusion of executing vision.
  • Leading by hinting or coercing.
  • Reminding you are in charge.
  • Disliking going to work.
  • Working on tasks you shouldn’t be.
  • Not engaging your team’s talents.

You will learn how to succeed by…

  • Everyone sharing the vision.
  • Working toward higher things.
  • Confident leadership.
  • Creating relational respect .
  • Everyone enjoying work again.
  • Sharing ideas and contributing.
  • Increasing team commitment.

Enjoy the vitality of a committed team enlivened by the vision.

Enjoy the vitality of a committed team enlivened by the vision.

What participants are saying:

“I thought it was my personality that was slowing my business development. Understanding my strengths allowed me to shift my perspective 180 degrees. Coach Carol helped me understand how to work with my strengths to spark growth and effectively manage my business. Our group sessions were enjoyable because we had fascinating in-depth discussions. This program helped me create a more content life and solid business strategies. It was one of the best investments I could have made for my business!”

– Hope Bickmeier
Bickmeier Training and Development

Wouldn’t you like to think (and do!) like this?

Achieve your vision and perform beyond your wildest dreams.
Register for the Be Your Best Leader group coaching program today.